Monthly income/expenses – March 2017

As part of this blog, I’ve decided that I should start to document my monthly income and expenses, as I feel this will help regarding my progress (or sometimes lack thereof) towards my goal of achieving financial independence. This first report will hopefully give me a good base to start from, not only in terms of keeping a close eye on my expenses, but also hopefully will show an increase in my income over the coming months as I plan to lower my expenses in any way that I can, and invest the extra money in the peer-to-peer lending platform Saving Stream, that for the past 2 years has given me solid returns.

Ill start with my expenses report first…

March 2017 – Expenses

  • Mortgage – £408.11
  • House insurance – £15.81
  • Council tax – £149
  • Gas/Electric – £63
  • Water – £25
  • Car finance (my fiancee’s car) – £188.22
  • 0% Loan payment – 70.83
  • Entertainment – £131
  • Fuel – £160
  • Food – Approx £340 (for two people)

Grand total – £1,550.97


March 2017 – Income

  • Full-time job – £2,550
  • Peer2Peer Lending – £220.95
  • Qmee – £16.72
  • TopCashback – £17.48
  • Valued Opinions – £48
  • Other – £13.30

Grand total – £2,866.45 – Expenses = + £1,315.48

So there we have it, after all my bills were paid in march, I was still left with the above + figure which I’m quite pleased with. However, having put some much needed thought into it, I know for a fact that I am wasting money throughout the month on little things here and there which certainly eat away at the ‘expenses deducted’ figure over the course of the month, which means for April I am going to have to keep a much closer eye on what is going out, and see if I can track down exactly where I am leaking money and patch up those little holes. And as for the income side of things, I’m quite pleased with this, however it is obvious to see at this point that I am a long way from where I am aiming to be, which is to eventually have secondary incomes (passive income) covering my full list of expenses.

So for now it is back to the day job, but I am confident in saying, it will not be forever!


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