Simple ways to earn extra income

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming, wishing you were able to make a little extra money on the side, but had no idea where to start ? If so, then I know exactly how you feel. I have always felt the need to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side to supplement my income. Not only does it give me more ways to save money, but it also allows me to feel as if I am not 100% dependant on my day job, which to me is crucial, because one day (hopefully not too far in the distant future) I want to be able to generate enough money to allow me to cover all of my living expenses and retire without the need of full-time employment. This is why I have put together a short list of online things (what I like to call ‘Side Hustles’) that I currently use that will be able to help you generate a little extra cash on the side of your day job, just as they do for me. No need to thank me now, you can thank me later when you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it all 😉

So without any more waffling, lets get this list started and get you hustling for some extra cash!

Lendy (formerly known as ‘Saving Stream’) – Peer to Peer Lending platform –UPDATED JUNE 2017

Image result for lendy saving stream

This is without a doubt my favourite side hustle, it allows me to generate extra income on the side with very minimal effort. It is a peer-2-peer lending platform which specialises in the property market only, and allows the investor to achieve annual returns of anywhere between 8% – 12% (the higher % loans carry an increased risk of default) depending on which loans you invest your money into. All interest is paid out on the 1st of every month, which means you don’t have to wait long to start making money. I have been using this site for nearly 2 years to date, I currently have just over £25,000 invested, and have achieved 12% returns annually on my invested capital by only investing my money into the 12% loans. I am pleased to say I have had no defaulting loans and my last interest payment was £253!…Quite a nice addition to my regular income which I hope to keep growing over the coming months and years. This has all been achieved with very little effort on my part, which makes it all the more appealing for someone with a busy day job and not a lot of spare time to devote to making money on the side. If your interested in joining Lendy or just want to find out a little more, then feel free to click the picture above which will link you straight to their website or drop in on the comments section and hopefully ill be able to help you out.

*If you sign up with the above link and deposit £1000 or more to invest, you will receive a £50 bonus which will be added to your own account as a thank you for signing up via a recommendation link. Let me know if you do, as id love to hear your thoughts about it and share our experiences.

*Please remember, when investing in P2P platforms your capital is always at risk.

Qmee – Search, Earn and Save

Image result for qmee

This is another one of my favourite side hustles that I have been using for a long time. It is very simple thing to use, you just install their search feature onto your own browser (only compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and then carry on using the internet as you normally would. Whenever you search for something online you have the chance for Qmee to reward you for that search in the form of cash, normally in the region of 5p up to around a £1. Now this doesn’t seem like much at all but over time it certainly adds up, I know this because in the last 12 months alone I have earnt over £130 using it, so I can definitely say it works and fully recommend it. The other perk to Qmee is that it also gives you the option of completing online surveys, which again can range from from anywhere around 20p up to £1. This is one of the functions of the website I love using as the surveys are available regularly and are quick and easy to complete. Finally,  the best part about Qmee is when you are ready to withdraw your cash, there is no messing around or a threshold on how much you need to earn before you can withdraw like most similar sites. You simply connect your Qmee account to your PayPal account and withdraw the money instantly into it, meaning you can access the cash within seconds of earning it.

If you are interested in giving Qmee a try, click on the above logo and this will direct you straight to their website where you can find out all you need to know and sign up…AND… by using that link, it will also mean as soon as you make your first withdrawal into your Paypal, Qmee will credit your account with a 50p bonus! Feel free to thank me in the comments section 😉 and tell all your friends!

Valued Opinions – Completing surveys online for cash rewards

Image result for valued opinions

Again, another one of my favourite online money making tools, however this one requires much less of an explanation. It is quite simply a site that allows the user to complete surveys online and rewards them with payments ranging from 50p up to £5 depending on the time it takes to complete each survey. The only downside to this site is it does not allow you to withdraw the money as cash, it requires you to put the money onto an online gift card such as Amazon, Love2Shop, Costa Coffee etc. Other than that little negative though, I find this site brilliant and easy to use, and I normally average around £40-50 pounds a month earnings through this site, so not bad really if you ask me, considering I complete 90% of the surveys whist I’m at work in my day job ….. 😉

If you fancy giving it a try, then just click on the logo and it will direct you to their website. Unfortunately I don’t have any sign up offers on this one yet, as I do not meet the required amount of users on my blog, but as soon as I do I will update this post.

TopCashback – Earn cashback on all your online purchases

Image result for top cashback

Last, but by no means least, we arrive at TopCashback. This site is probably the most widely known about site on my list of online money earners, so you may already know about or be a user of this site. Quite simply, you use this site when you shop for anything online, and it rewards you by giving you a % of cash back off the total amount of your purchase. Iv been using this site for around 10 months to date, and considering I am not a big spender, I have still managed to earn £158.75 in cash back for buying things I would have bought anyway, so its well worth signing up to this site. It also provides another way of earning cash through its referral system. For every person you refer and get to sign up, you will receive a bonus payment of between £5 – £20 depending on what they are offering for referrals at that time, so if you know other people who might be interested in this sort of thing then there is definitely money. And the best thing is it allows you to take all the money you earn as cash with no minimum withdrawal limits, either directly to your bank account or sent straight to your PayPal.

Feel free to sign up using my link above, by clicking on the TopCashback logo, and let me know what you think in the comments section below 🙂

So there we have it, my first list of online side hustles is complete. I really hope you can get as much benefit out of these online earners as I do, and hopefully together we can all ease the burden of full-time work and get ourselves on the path to financial freedom 🙂

Please share you experiences of any of the above in the comments below, or even better, if you have your own awesome side hustle, then please share that with us too!


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